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About Us

The company  ΑPENTOMOTIKI pest control was founded in Nicosia in 2011 and constitutes a fast growing disinfectant company in Cyprus.  Our flexible structure allows us to operate directly and efficiently, providing secure solutions to the implementation of integrated pest management ( IPM Integrated Pest Management ), following the legislation and demands of HACCP and ICO systems.
Our company aims to gain full satisfaction of our customers having achieved detailed inspection of the grounds and products but also identification of the problem.  Our accountability, reliability, honesty and, above all, our efficiency have reinforced the good reputation of our company and have enabled us to have a great collaboration with companies of health interest.
We offer the best possible quality services in all kinds of premises where humans live and work such as:
  • Blocks of flats, Flats, Houses, Country houses
  • In foodservice areas such as restaurants, taverns, pizza restaurants, fast food restaurants, cafeterias, clubs etc.
  • Warehouses of food, Supermarkets, Confectioneries, Bakeries, Butcher’s shops
  • Hotels, Rooms for rent, Camping sites
  • Schools, Kindergarten schools, Nursery schools, Playgrounds, Parks
  • Hospitals, Nurseries, Houses for elderly people, Churches 
  • Municipalities, Municipality buildings
  • Governmental buildings, Airports, Ports
  • Museums, Libraries, Archaeological sites
  • Cargo, Containers, Cruise ships, yachts
  • Transportation companies, Logistic companies
  • Warehouses of crops, Silos (wheat, corn, barley, rice etc.), warehouses of tobacco
  • Food industry (flour, pasta, candy making, bread, meat, dairy products, nuts etc.)
Our company creates for and provides our customers with a file of Disinfestations and Devatisations.  The methods and products being used are accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Cyprus and follow the European Union Commandments (178/02 and 93/43) as well as the instructions of the HACCP and ISO systems.


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